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  1. Send us your tips > 12 cupcakes (use our basic cupcakes recipe) 100ml (3 1/2 fl oz) syrup 250g (9oz) ganache (see ingredients below) 500g (1lb 2 oz) skin-coloured icing (mix red, orange and brown cupcakes) 200g (7oz) black icing (mouth) 150g (5 1/2oz) red icing (tongue) 60g (2 1/4oz) white icing (teeth) Black food colour Decorating alcohol 60g (2 1/4oz) yellow icing (quiffs) Red petal dust Cornflour

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  1. To make icing the cupcakes easier, once cooled you could ganache (cover) them with the ganache mixture. To make the ganache: add the cream to a pan and bring to the boil. Then add in your chopped white chocolate and whisk together until smooth. Leave to cool and set overnight and then spread on top of your cupcakes with a palette knife. To cover the cupcakes: knead 450g (1lb) of skin-coloured icing to a pliable dough and roll to 3mm (¹⁄8 in) thick. Using a circle cutter in the same size as the cupcakes, cut out 12 circles and stick them on the cupcakes. To make the ears: make two balls of the remaining skin-coloured icing and stick them on either side of the face. Press the frilling tool into each ball to create the ear shape. To make the mouth: roll out the black, red and white icing to each 3mm (¹⁄8 in) thick. Using a small circle cutter, cut a black circle for the mouth and stick it on the face with a little water. Then, using an even smaller circle cutter, cut a red circle and cut the circle again for the tongue. Stick the tongue on the mouth. With a sharp knife, cut the white icing into long thin strips and then into rectangles for the teeth and stick two onto the mouth. With a paintbrush, paint a line on the tongue with black food colour mixed with decorating alcohol. To make the eyes: use the paintbrush to paint two thin lines like meeting chopsticks on the face with black food colour mixed with decorating alcohol. To make the hair quiff: roll the yellow icing (or any colour you wish) into a cone then twist the cone between your fingers and stick it onto the head with a little water.


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