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  1. 3 teaspoons canola oil, divided

  2. 1 small onion, thinly sliced

  3. 1 clove garlic, finely chopped

  4. 1 teaspoon chopped fresh rosemary, or 1/4 teaspoon dried 1 tomato, seeded and chopped, divided

  5. 2 small cooked potatoes, cut into 1/2-inch dice

  6. 10-12 cooked asparagus stalks, cut into 2-inch pieces

  7. 1/2 teaspoon salt

  8. 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground pepper, plus more to taste

  9. 4 large eggs

  10. 4 large egg whites

  11. 1/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan or Gruyere cheese

  12. 2 tablespoons chopped fresh chives, or scallions

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  1. Preheat the broiler. Heat 2 teaspoons oil in a large, ovenproof, nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add onion, garlic, rosemary and half of the tomato; cook, stirring, until the onion is tender, about 8 minutes. Add potatoes and cook, stirring, until they start to brown, about 4 minutes. Add asparagus and cook until heated through. Remove the vegetables from the pan; season with salt and pepper. Wipe out the pan, brush with the remaining 1 teaspoon oil, and return it to low heat. Lightly whisk whole eggs, egg whites and cheese in a medium bowl. Add the vegetables to the egg mixture and pour into the pan, gently stirring to distribute the vegetables. Cook over low heat until the underside is light golden, 5 to 8 minutes. Place the pan under the broiler and broil until the top of the frittata is puffed and golden brown, 1 to 2 minutes. Loosen the frittata and slide it onto a platter. Garnish with chives (or scallions) and the remaining chopped tomato.


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