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  1. John Telge

  2. 17413 N.E.

  3. 172nd Street

  4. Holt, MO 64048

  5. 816-628-2099 or Fax: 816-628-2929

  6. E-mail: sales


  8. Web:

  9. Product Descriptions

  10. Elk and red deer meat for sale as frozen whole or partial carcasses, packages of frozen same cuts and value added products. We sell elk and red deer French racks 8-bone, stiploins, tenderloins, Denver leg, shoulder BRT, chuck BRT, ground, patties, steaks, whole sirloin, sirloin steaks, Osso Bucco. We also offer shipping and distribution services; broker, marketing and promotion services. Products available within the USA through farmers markets, retail stores, wholesale, restaurants and Internet sales. We accept cash, cheque, credit cards and on account. Products can be picked up or shipped. Shipping is Kansas City areas, all other through NDA Freight.


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