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  1. 1 pk (1 tb) unflavored gelatin

  2. 1/2lb (1 c) braunschweiger

  3. 3 tb Mayonnaise

  4. 1/2c Cold water

  5. 1 tb Vinegar

  6. 1 cn Condensed consomme

  7. 1 tb Minced onion

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  1. + Directions : Soften gelatin in cold water. Heat consomme to boiling. Remove from heat; add gelatin and stir until dissolved. Pour into 2 c mold; chill until firm. Blend remaining ingredients. Spoon out center of jellied consomme, leaving 1/2 inch on all sides. Fill center with meat mixture. Heat the spooned out consomme till melted; pour over braunschweiger. Chill firm. Unmold. Trim with slices of hard cooked egg. Use crackers as spreaders.


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