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  1. Note to self: (COME BACK and write "Odom and Jet Road" Stories) **NOTE: Some MB Photos cause completed recipes to appear "flattened and stretched." 4-Large, Baking Potatoes (prebaked or microwaved--READY-TO-SERVE, and Potato insides removed and SET ASIDE) ~1 Pound-Ground Sirloin (or Ground Chuck) ~1 Pkg.-Taco Seasoning ~1/2 Cup-Bell Pepper (Chopped) ~1/2 Cup-Onion (Chopped) ~1/4 Cup-Fresh garlic (Minced) ~1/2 Cup-Fresh Cilantro (Torn finely) ~2 Cups-Shredded Cheddar (SET ASIDE "1/2 cup" for seasoning Potatoes) ~1 Cup-Salsa (Cook's choice) ~1 Cup-Sour Cream ~Jalopeno Slices (If desired--Optional) S & P (To Cook's taste--Optional)

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  1. PREHEAT OVEN to 350 degrees. ~~IN A large skillet, COOK Meat with Bell Pepper, Onions and Cilantro, and SEASON Meat (as directed on Seasoning package) DRAIN FATS and SET ASIDE. ~~HALF Potatoes and HOLLOW OUT most of the insides (leaving approximately 1/4 inch of "sides" of Potato against skins. SET ASIDE Potato "insides" in a large, mixingbowl. ~~SEASON POTATOES by GENTLY STIRRING IN (not mashing) the minced Garlic, and "1/2 cup" of the shredded Cheese. SET ASIDE. ~~FILL POTATOES 1/2 way with a BOTTOM LAYER of seasoned Meat, then a LAYER of Potatoes. ~~FINISH FILLING hollowed Potatoes with remaining Cheddar, and Salsa (HOLDING OUT Sour Cream for TOPPING when baking is completed.) ~~BAKE STUFFED POTATOES at 350 degrees for 15 minutes (until INSIDES ARE HOT, and Cheddar has melted on top.) ~~SERVE PIPING HOT and TOP with Salsa, Sour Cream (and Jalopeno Pepper Slices, if desired!) ENJOY! ~*~*~*~*~


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