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    1. 1 turkey

    2. 2 gallons hot water

    3. 3 tablespoons pepper

    4. 12 bay leaves

    5. 1 cup salt

    6. 24 oz honey

    7. 24 oz maple syrup

    8. 1/3 cups orange juice

    9. 1/3 cups lemon juice

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    1. Mix everything except the last two ingredients in hot water to help dissolve the salt. Heat if necessary to dissolve salt. Place the frozen turkey inside of a clean, large, white trash bag that lined a clean cooler and poured the solution on top of the turkey. Let it soak as it thawed making sure the temperature never rose above 49 degrees to keep bacteria from growing. Use ice if necessary to keep turkey cool.

    2. Remove turkey from brine and cook as usual.


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