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  1. 4 Alligator tail steaks, cut about 3/4" thick

  2. Cardini's Lime Dill Dressing

  3. Lime slices

  4. Fresh ground black pepper

  5. Cayenne pepper

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  1. Marinate steaks in the lime dill dressing... if unavailable, dressing ingredients are (per label): Soybean oil, Water, Mustard, Lime juice concentrate, Sea salt, Garlic, Onion, Spices (??), Herbs (??), and Dill. (Use your imagination !!).

  2. Marinate meat in dressing several hours, discard dressing-marinade.

  3. Grill meat over hot coals or medium heat on a gas grill for about 10 minutes each side. Brush with fresh dressing when grilling and turning.

  4. Garnish with lime slices.

  5. Submitted By BOBBI ZEE On 03-05-95


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