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  2. 1 bunch scallions

  3. 1 bell pepper

  4. a few cloves garlic

  5. a few stalks celery

  6. **meat possibilities**

  7. sausage -- pork chop, chicken

  8. -- or country ham.

  9. rice and water*

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  1. * 1 lb. meat with this much veggie is enough for 2-3 cups ricea few large pinches parsley (maybe 1/4 cup) thyme, bay leaf, etc. Tony Chachere's Creole Spice (McCormick's will work in a bind)

  2. Brown the meat for a few minutes, then add the veggies to coat them with the juice. Add the water, herbs, and spice and boil till the meat is about cooked; add the rice and cook till the rice is done.

  3. Serve with Tabasco and French bread.

  4. This is a Cajun recipe, to make it Creole add some tomato paste, use a little more water than the rice will absorb so you have some sauce, and possibly use seafood instead of the meat. Since shrimp and crawfish cook quickly, they should be added after the rice has been going 15 minutes or s


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