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  1. 1 Garlic

  2. 2 lbs 908g / 32oz Jimmy dean sausage

  3. 4 tablespoons 60ml All-purpose flour

  4. 2 cups 474ml Beef broth

  5. 2 cups 125g / 4.4oz Onions - chopped (medium)

  6. 1 cup 237ml Sliced mushrooms - canned or fresh

  7. 1/2 Butter

  8. 2 teaspoons 10ml Soy sauce

  9. 2 tablespoons 30ml Worcestershire sauce

  10. 1 teaspoon 5ml Dry mustard Salt - pepper, paprika, to taste Tabasco sauce, to taste

  11. 2 cups 474ml Sour cream Party rye or pumpernickel bread - toasted

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  1. Recipe Instructions Rub a large skillet with garlic; heat and brown sausage. Crumble sausage with a fork. Sprinkle sausage with flour; add beef broth. Simmer until slightly thickened and set aside. Saute onions and mushrooms in butter until onions are tender. Add onions, mushrooms and seasonings to the sausage mixture. Cook until mixture bubbles--remove from heat and add sour cream. Keep hot in a chafing dish. Serve with toasted party rye or party-size pumpernickel. Makes about 1 1/2 quarts. When doubling recipe, use only 3 onions. If you have leftovers, pour over rice.


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