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  2. curd

  3. grams 100 garlic paste

  4. tsp 1 ghee

  5. grams 100 ginger paste

  6. tsp 1 green paste

  7. tsp 1 green peas

  8. grams 200 mutton , chicken or beef washed and cut into cubes

  9. grams 800 onions cut into slices

  10. small 4 pepper pd optional

  11. tsp 1 potato cut into big pieces

  12. large 5 rice clean it and wash it

  13. grams 800 salt

  14. to taste whole gram masala pkt

  15. small 1

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  1. method heat ghee in a deep vessel add the whole garam masala and the onion fry it till golden see that the onions should not be too gloden, add the gin, gar and green chilli paste fry add the chickens,or mutton ,or beef to it and cook for 5 min keep on stirrring add the peas and salt and potatoes and cook for more 10 min then add the rice mix well and cook till rice is half done then add the curd and mix well cover it and keep on slow fire till done. server it with salad


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