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  1. Beneath their marshmallow coverings, these ghosts have a crunchy, salty surprise: pretzels! If the marshmallow starts to stick as you roll it out, just add more powdered sugar to the work surface.

  2. 3/4 cups powdered sugar, divided 1 cup marshmallow creme 4 (3-inch-long) pieces thick pretzel rods*

  3. mini chocolate chips 1. Stir 1 1/2 cups of the powdered sugar into marshmallow creme in large bowl, kneading with hands towards end as necessary.

  4. Dust work surface with remaining 1/4 cup powdered sugar. Divide marshmallow mixture into 5 balls. Roll or pat 4 of the balls into 6 1/2-inch flat rounds. Divide remaining piece into 8 balls; place 1 ball on each end of pretzel rods. Place pretzels upright on serving platter, pressing bottom of marshmallow balls firmly to platter to adhere.

  5. Drape marshmallow rounds over tops of pretzels to create ghost shapes, pressing draped portion as needed onto platter to hold ghosts upright. Place 2 chocolate chips into each ghost, pointed-side in, for eyes.

  6. TIP *Use chef’s knife to cut pretzel rods.

  7. servings PER SERVING: 310 calories, .5 g total fat (0 g saturated fat), 1 g protein, 76.5 g carbohydrate, 0 mg cholesterol, 95 mg sodium, 0 g fiber


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