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  1. 1cup butter,room temperture

  2. 1/2cup confectionary sugar,

  3. 1/2cup brown sugar

  4. 1tbsp.lemon juice,

  5. 1tsp.lemon zest ltsp.lemon extract,

  6. 1tsp.vanilla extract

  7. 2 1/4cup sifted flour

  8. 1tsp.baking powder,

  9. 1/4tsp.baking soda

  10. 1/2tsp.sea salt frosting:

  11. 1cup confectionary sugar

  12. 1tbsp.lemon extract,ltbsp.lemon juice,ltsp.butter softened,

  13. 1tbsp.cream,

  14. 2drops yellow food coloring,color sprinkes on saucer

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  1. cream butter and sugars together till creamy add lemon zest,juice and extracts and blend together,sift flour,salt and baking powder,soda and blend together with electric mixer till blended well and form ball and wrap in plastic wrap and put in fridge till cold 15 minutes or so.Form dough into 1"balls roll in confectionary sugar then put on cookie sheet and bake for 15 minutes in 325degree oven,while cookies are baking mix frosting ingredients except for sprinkles till creamy.when cookies are done frost each one till coated, press in sprinkles and cool completely.enjoy for the holidays.or any occasion.


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