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  1. 4 pcs

  2. 250 g 1 pc

  3. 1 pc

  4. 3 tbsp Finely chopped Kemiris

  5. 2 pcs Finely chopped shallots

  6. 2 pcs Finely chopped garlic

  7. 2 pcs Desiccated coconut

  8. 3-4 tbsp Pepper to taste

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  1. Steam crabs over high heat until done. Take out and cool. Keep the crab shells whole. Flake the crabs to get meat of 250g [8 oz]. Cook potato in boiling water until tender. Peel and mash. Set aside. Add seasoning mix to crab flakes and mashed potato. Stir in half of the beaten egg. Divide the filling into 4 portions. Stuff the shells with the filling. Brush the filling with left beaten egg. Coat the filling with bread crumbs and put minced ham in the middle for garnish. Deep-fry crab shells in hot oil until golden yellow. Drain and serve.


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