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  1. 4 oz 113g Water

  2. 4 oz 113g Sugar

  3. 1 oz 28g Grand Marnier Creme Noisette Buttercream - (from above)

  4. 1 oz 28g Hazelnut paste or 1 oz 28g Almond paste

  5. 1 teaspoon 5ml Kirsch Chocolate Cream Buttercream - (from above)

  6. 12 oz 340g Chocolate - semi-sweet

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  1. Recipe Instructions ** Recipes for these ingredients are found elsewhere in this packet. Syrup: In a small saucepan, bring the water and sugar to a boil. Take off of the heat and cool in refrigerator. Add Grand Marnier to cooled syrup and reserve. (Note: three-fourths of this syrup-Grand Marnier mixture will be used in the mousse; the remainder will be used to bunch the various layers of the Progres.) Crème Noisette: == Put the hazelnut paste and Kirsch into a bowl and mix with a spatula. Add 4 ounces of buttercream and blend well. Refrigerate for 5 minutes. Chocolate Cream: Melt the chocolate, then cool. Add half of the chocolate to the buttercream. Mix well, then add remainder of the chocolate (must be done in steps or cream will break). Refrigerate. Assembly: Remove the biscuit from the refrigerator and cut it to the shape of the mold. Put bottom biscuit into mold and brush with syrup. Spread layer of crème noisette on top of syrup. Refrigerate for 2 minutes. Add a layer of mousse, then place top biscuit on mousse. Brush with syrup again, then spread with a layer of chocolate cream. Freeze for 5 - 30 minutes. Pipe layer of chocolate cream on top. Unmold and serve on tray with garnish of sugar and real flowers.


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