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  1. 1lb Lean Ground Turkey , or any ground meat of your choice

  2. 5 oz Pancetta Chopped

  3. Johnny's Italian Seasoning

  4. Garlic Powder

  5. Onion Salt

  6. Bread Crumbs

  7. Worcestershire Sauce

  8. Smoked Gouda Cheese

  9. Butter

  10. Thick English Muffins

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  1. Heat grill before starting ;)

  2. In a preheated frying pan, fry pancetta until golden brown.

  3. While pancetta is cooking combine:

  4. Ground Turkey Italian Seasoning Garlic powder Onion Salt Bread crumbs &

  5. Worcestershire sauce in a large bowl until flavors are blended. Use the amount of these seasonings to suit your own personal taste. After Pancetta is fully cooked add it to the mixture of ground turkey and other spices. When all flavors have been blended form your patties and place them on the grill.

  6. While your burgers are grilling turn the broiler on in your oven. Cut 4 English muffins in half, butter them and sprinkle with Italian seasoning. Put under the broiler until they are toasted and golden brown.

  7. When your burgers are fully cooked melt some smoked Gouda cheese over the top. After the cheese has melted bring them in and assemble your burger. You can build your burger with lettuce, onion, & tomato but in our house just some good o'l Stubbs BBQ sauce does the trick.

  8. As a side we have a great rice dish my husband created. This burger is great with any summertime side.

  9. Enjoy!


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