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  2. BBQ Pit Boys Old-Time ... :

  3. Glazed Ham Barbecue Recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

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  10. Uploaded by BarbecueWeb on Feb 4, 2008

  11. Nothing beats a delicious Barbecue Glazed Ham when you're looking for a quick and easy holiday meal to serve up from the grill.

  12. The term "ham" generally refers to a liquid or smoke cured pork butts(shoulder) and shanks. This is a Ham Butt, liquid cured with spices and available most anywhere in the States. The additional smoke process on your grill or smoker makes it a 5 star premium Ham fit for a Pit Masters table!

  13. The BBQ Pit Boys show you step by step how to keep it moist and tender and with a flavor that you can only achieve on the BBQ grill!

  14. You can print out this BBQ Pit Boys recipe at

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  20. likes, BBQ Pit Boys Old-Time Barbecue and Grilling Food Show Season 2 Ep.

  21. Released: 02/03/08

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  25. Uploader Comments( BarbecueWeb )

  26. @AudioHouseOnline ..lmao..ya mean bar-b-q is NOT a noun...? Ya want us to call it a grill??!! Wow, ya learn something everyday here at the Pit..! I bet you use that leafy green stuff for presentation, boy..?! Sheeee..t...Now we're going to have to go into town and find one of those Virginia hams to cook on the grill...lmao -BBQ Pit Boys BarbecueWeb

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  28. That looks delicious, but it is NOT a "Country" Ham. Country ham is dry cured and aged.

  29. bdpeace

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  31. @bdpeace ..not really...! it all depends on what part of the country you're from, and of course what the pork processor wants to call it. Slow smoke it like this and you've got yourself some good eatin' Country style ham..!

  32. BarbecueWeb

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  34. Man today I slow roasted a ham butt @4 .6 kg in the weber using the apricot glaze... mmmmmmm mmmmmmmm it was guuuuuuuudddddd...

  35. One thing.. the ham I roasted went black all up and down on the skin side (I faced it into the convection in the weber) so I ended up cutting off the crust and pinning pineapple slices plus a couple bastings with the glaze and back into the weber to brown. Came out almost perfect but how can I stop the ham from blackening too much?

  36. BuoyzToyz

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  38. @BuoyzToyz ... the skin blackens for sure and should be left on. It helps keep the Ham moist during the barbecue, and this "bark" is often prized as the best part of the Ham when served.

  39. BarbecueWeb

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  41. I would like to try this useing my Weber smoker. Any tips.

  42. rocketman 603

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  44. hey rocket man, those Weber water smokers put out some competition barbecue. It's that dome top and that water dish below... makes for some real moist and tender "low and slow" for sure. Use a good briquette and go easy on the smoke. -BBQ Pit Boys BarbecueWeb

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  47. My Husband is making this right now! I am so excited because 2 of your other video recipes have been amazing!!! Grill Masters you are!!

  48. And the voice over..priceless baby!

  49. B0 nnie 07

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  51. Sign In or Sign Up drivin 69

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  53. I hate a-holes with smart ass comments or people who are know it all's that put negative comments on here, I have learned a lot for ya'll. My wife notice's too. Ya'll are ace's in my book!

  54. danny 88181

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  56. Not sure where you're from but I'm from the country that's what I call a "city ham" not a country ham. Country ham has a salt pack smoke house cure and that's not a bar-b-q it's a grill...

  57. AudioHouseOnline

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  59. So good !

  60. For that recipe, I will even give back the France's Kingdom to the king Eward III of England...


  62. (pdevallois

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  64. @bdpeace SHUTDOWN how dare you speak back to the bbq king SentOWNSU

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  66. APPLE JUICE!!!

  67. KILL 3 RPANA 5

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  69. Hmmm what a nice ham... I wish he had done with some CREME FRAICHE :-BobDoubelina

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  71. im in love with his voice!! :DD i wish i talk like that :D zinre 124

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  73. how does this glaze sound?

  74. cup brown sugar, 1/3 cup honey, 1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes, 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper, 2 teaspoons corn starch. over medium heat mix all together.

  75. willyjhopuky

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