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  1. 4-5 175 g 45 ml 30 ml 1 teaspoon 225 g 450 g 175 g 3 3 1 packet

  2. 1 To serve 1 1 sprig

  3. 1 sprig Cooked crispy roast pork or 4 fresh boneless pork streaky rashers Clear honey Dry sherry Chili powder Rice vermicelli Fresh shrimps, cooked and halved Cooked chicken, finely chopped Pickled onions, cut into fine strips Pickled gherkins, cut into fine strips Round Banh Trang rice paper Carrot, grated Webb or round lettuce Coriander leaves Mint leaves Dipping sauce

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  1. : To make the cold crispy pork, take the four rashers of fresh boneless pork. Mix the honey, dry sherry and chili powder thoroughly. Spread the mixture over the pork. Allow to rest for 1 hour or longer if possible. Grill the pork slices until really crisp. Turn often so that they are evenly cooked. Allow to cool and cut into thin strips. Soak the rice vermicelli in boiled water, slightly cooked. When soft, drain thoroughly and leave to cool. Place a clean tea towel on the surface you are working on. Dip singly sheets of Banh Trang into warm water and place on the tea towl. They should be pliable and soft. Place some cold vermicelli, some shrimps, chicken, pork, pickled onion, gherkin and carrot near the centre of the Banh Trang but towards the bottom edge. Spread the filling out to a sausage shape. Roll the bottom edge of the Banh Trang up and tuck tightly under the mixture. Fold the left and right sides into centre and then continue rolling away from you. This roll will be transparent and allow you to see the mixture inside. Continue until the mixture is used up. Place the cold, rolled, transparent spring rolls on a platter. Guests help themselves to lettuce leaves, one at a time. The roll is placed on the leaf and some mint and coriander are added. The whole is rolled up and dipped in the dipping sauce.


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