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  1. 1 pt Strawberries, fresh

  2. 3/4c Orange juice

  3. 1/2c Milk

  4. 1/4c Honey

  5. 2 x Egg whites

  6. 1 T Honey

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  1. + Directions : * or fresh rasberries ( about 2 cups) Remove hulls from berries. In a blender container, place berries, orange juice, milk, and 1/4 c honey. Cover; blend 1 minute or till smooth. (If desired, strain rasberry mixture to remove seeds. ) Pour mixture into 9x9x2-inch pan. Cover; freeze 2 to 3 hours or till almost firm. In a mixer bowl beat egg whites with electric mixer on medium speed till soft peaks form. Gradually add 1 T honey, beating on high speed till stiff peaks form. Break frozen mixture into chunks; transfer frozen mixture to chilled large mixer bowl. Beat with electric mixer till smooth. Fold in egg whites. Return to pan. Cover; freeze 6 to 8 hours or till firm. To serve, scrape across frozen mixture with spoon and mound in dessert dishes.


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