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  1. 3 ounces peanut oil , plus

  2. 3 ounces 1 1/2 pounds beef top round, trimmed and cut into julienne

  3. 4 ounces soy sauce

  4. 2 tablespoons granulated sugar

  5. 10 scallions, washed, trimmed and cut into 1-inch strips

  6. 10 ounces peeled and julienned Spanish onion

  7. 10 ounces mushrooms, washed, stems trimmed and thinly sliced

  8. 1 pound tofu, cut into small dice

  9. 10 ounces spinach, washed, stemmed and cut chiffonade

  10. 8 ounces bamboo shoots, julienned

  11. 10 ounces mirin (available in Asian markets)

  12. 1 1/2 pounds shirataki noodles, cooked, cooled and cut into thirds

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  1. In a wok, heat 3 ounces of peanut oil. Add beef strips and stir-fry quickly, just to brown meat. Season with soy sauce and sugar, then remove and set aside. Clean the wok, and heat the remaining 3 ounces of peanut oil. Add scallions, onions, mushrooms, tofu, spinach , and bamboo shoots. Stir-fry quickly, about 2 minutes. Add mirin and noodles and return cooked meat to the mixture. Stir-fry an additional minute or just until hot and well-incorporated. Remove from wok and serve at once on a preheated dinner plate.


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