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  1. 1-2 whole cucumbers, peeled and sliced

  2. lemon juice

  3. parsley

  4. salted water

  5. 1/2 cup (125 ml) finely chopped onion

  6. 1 cup (225 ml) sour cream

  7. black pepper

  8. salt

  9. Soak the cucumbers in the salted water for about an hour, then drain and rinse.

  10. Place the cucumbers in a bowl and add the sour cream and chopped onion.

  11. Add lemon juice (about half of a whole lemon's worth), salt, pepper, and parsley to taste (The lemon juice helps to make the sour cream taste like buttermilk).

  12. Mix thoroughly--the sauce should be slighly runny but not overly so (Sauce will thicken upon standing).

  13. Refrigerate for several hours to let the mixture thicken.

  14. Serve as a side salad.

  15. My grandmother makes this all the time. It's really good


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