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  1. 2 slabs of prok ribs

  2. *RUB*

  3. *2 table spoons - Cajun Seasoning

  4. Onion Powder

  5. Cayene Powder

  6. Course Black Pepper

  7. Habenero Powder

  8. Paprika

  9. Cumin

  10. Dry Mustard

  11. 1 Cup Brown Sugar

  12. *Other Ingredients*

  13. Liquid Smoke

  14. Apple juice

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  1. *Remove memebrane and clean ribs well* Set oven to 275*Combine ingredients of Dry Rub in large bowl mixing well* Spray liquid smoke on ribs evenly(not too much or it will overtake the taste of your meat)

  2. * Spread rub all over ribs using all of mixture*Place ribs in preheated oven bone side down*Bake for at least 3 hours or until at preferred tenderness spraying lightly with apple juice*Remove from oven if grilling or add BBQ sauce during last 15 minutes of baking if you do not plan to grill.

  3. * If Grilling * *Heat coals to desired temp and place ribs on for 8-10 minutes(just long enough to get a nice brown outer crust)swabbing sauce as desired or serve on the side like we do


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