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  1. 2 (9-inch) chocolate cake layers

  2. 2 tubs ready-to-spread frosting, orange tinted, or vanilla

  3. Yellow and red food coloring, if desired

  4. Black frosting gel

  5. Candy sprinkles

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  1. Bake and cool cakes completely. You can make two separate cakes, each one layer thick, or one large layer cake.

  2. If you can't find orange frosting, tint the vanilla frosting with yellow and red food coloring, adding just a drop at a time, until desired color. Frost the cakes completely.

  3. Using a toothpick, draw out a pumpkin face on the cakes. Fill in the lines with the black decorator frosting, then sprinkle candy sprinkles inside the outlines. Store cake loosely covered at room temperature.

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