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  1. 500 g Lamb loin

  2. 4 Cutlet bones

  3. 2 Mint leaves

  4. 1 Sprig each of rosemary,

  5. Marjoram and parsley 1/2 Onion peeled

  6. 1 Egg

  7. Salt and pepper to taste 4 Sheets puff pastry

  8. 400 ml Madeira sauce

  9. 8 inches in diameter. Form the lamb mixture into a patty, place the cleaned cutlet bone into the patty and place in the centre of the puff pastry. Drawn up the sides and squeeze the end pieces between forefinger and thumb around the cutlet bone. For effect you may tie the top with spaghetti. Pre-heat oven to

  10. 180C. Place the tuckerbag on to a lightly greased baking slide, egg wash and bake. Standard oven

  11. 15-20 mins. Serve immediately with madeira sauce on a warmed plate with appropriate vegetable accompaniment. From the Australian Meat and Livestock Corporation. Typed for you by Sherree Johansson.


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