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  1. 2 boxes of cake mix

  2. 2 14" x

  3. 20" rectangular cookie pans, measuring

  4. 1" deep Clear plastic wrap

  5. 2 cans caramel icing

  6. 1 can vanilla icing

  7. 2 tubes white decorating icing Black frosting for letters

  8. 3 packs Starburst candies

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  1. Bake two cake mixes in two 1" deep rectangular cookie sheets. Once the cakes are baked, put clear plastic wrap over the cakes and then place a cutting board over the cakes, holding them together. Flip the cakes onto the cutting board and place them close to each other. We trimmed the cakes to a square approximately 18" x 18". Put both cans of caramel icing into a bowl and add two big spoonfuls of vanilla icing. Mix well until the icing is the color of peanut butter. Then ice the cake. Fill in any gap between the two cakes so that there is no seam where they are joined. Using a butter knife, make a slight indentation where the white lines will be drawn. We used a quilting tool to fill in the lines making the squares. Each Scrabble square is 1" square. There are 15 across. To make the colored squares, combine white icing with food coloring and fill in with a popsicle stick or other small tool. Use the Starburst candies as your Scrabble tiles and using a writing tip with black frosting, write the letters.


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