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  1. 2 cups sugar

  2. 1 cup light corn syrup

  3. 1/2 cup water

  4. 1 cup unsalted butter (NO SUBSTITUTES)

  5. 2 cups salted shelled pistachio nuts

  6. 1 tsp. baking soda

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  1. Butter 2 cookie sheets and set aside. In heavy 3-quart saucepan, combine sugar, corn syrup and water. Cook over low heat, stirring frequently, until mixture comes to a full rolling boil. This will take 15-25 minutes. Then add butter. Cover pan for 1-2 minutes to allow the steam to wash down any sugar crystals on sides of pan. Clip a candy thermometer to the side of the pan with the bulb touching the syrup, but not touching the sides or bottom of pan. Cook and stir until a candy thermometer reaches 280 degrees F. You can test without a candy thermometer by dropping a small amount of candy into some cold water forms a hard but pliable strand. Then stir in pistachios and continue cooking, stirring constantly, until candy thermoemter reaches 305 degrees F or until a bit of candy dropped into cold water forms a brittle strand. Remove pan from heat and stir in baking soda (mixture will foam up, so be ready and be careful), stirring well. Pour onto prepared cookie sheets and spread until candy is 1/4" thick. Cool completely, then break into pieces and store in tightly covered container. Makes 2 pounds.


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