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NutrientsLipids, Cellulose
VitaminsA, D
MineralsNatrium, Phosphorus, Cobalt, Molybdenum

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  2. 6 tablespoons virgin olive oil

  3. 4 garlic cloves -- thinly sliced

  4. 2 fresh anahiem chilies -- cut 1/4" rounds

  5. 2 cups dry white wine

  6. 2 tablespoons unsalted butter

  7. 1 pound fresh rock shrimp

  8. 1 pound spaghettini

  9. 1 bunch arugula -- washed, spun dry,

  10. and chopped into 1/2" ribbons

  11. salt -- to taste

  12. freshly-ground black pepper -- to taste

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  1. Bring 6 quarts water to boil and add 2 tablespoons salt.

  2. In a 12- to 14-inch sauté pan, sauté garlic in virgin olive oil over moderate heat until lightly brown (about 1 minute). Add chilies and continue cooking (about 30 seconds). Add wine and butter and bring to a boil. Add rock shrimp, stir to coat with wine mixture, reseason with salt and remove from heat.

  3. Boil spaghettini according to package instructions (about 8 to 10 minutes). Drain pasta in colander over sink and add to shrimp pan. Stir gently until spaghettini are coated with sauce and toss in arugula. Stir quickly to mix and just wilt about 30 seconds. Check for seasoning, pour into large serving bowl and serve immediately.

  4. Comments: The original recipe title as listed is "Spaghettini With Rock Shrimp, Anahiem Chilies And Chopped Arugula".

  5. Source: MOLTO MARIO with Mario Batali From the TV FOOD NETWORK - (Show # MB-5636)


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