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  1. Chicken Ecosse & Irish Whisky Sauce

  2. Serves 2 2 breasts chicken

  3. 4 oz haggis

  4. olive oil

  5. 1/2 pint of double cream

  6. 1/2 onion (finely chopped)

  7. 2 large mushrooms (sliced)

  8. a wee dram of whisky

  9. a few Leaves of fresh basil

  10. salt

  11. pepper

  12. Cut a slit in the chicken breasts of adequate size to stuff the

  13. breasts with haggis. Salt and pepper then seal the meat by gently

  14. frying it in a frying pan in some olive oil.

  15. Cook for about 5 minutes on each side then put into an oven proof

  16. 30 minutes at

  17. 180 degrees.

  18. While the chicken is cooking cook the sauce by putting the onions

  19. and mushrooms in the pan the chicken came out of and saute them

  20. until soft. Make sure the pan is on a high heat and is very hot

  21. them add the whiskey. A this stage the pan should catch fire but

  22. don't panic. Allow the alcohol to burn off. Once the flame has

  23. gone out salt and pepper and add the basil. Now add the cream and allow to cook out for 5 minutes.

  24. Serve the chicken pouring the sauce over the top and serve with a

  25. selection of fresh vegetables and potatoes.


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