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  1. 2 bananas

  2. 2 whole eggs

  3. 2 egg yolks

  4. 150g rice flour

  5. 100g icing sugar

  6. 1litre of canola oil (for deep frying)

  7. 150 ml thickened cream

  8. 3 tbs drinking chocolate

  9. Splash of baileys

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  1. Blend bananas and eggs till smooth, fold in the rice flour and sugar.

  2. Preheat oil to @ 180 (a deep fryer is ideal but the oil must be brand new as any previously fried food may taint the banana).

  3. Fry a spoonful of mix at a time.

  4. Lightly whip the cream till just firm, fold in baileys and drinking chocolate.

  5. Dip crispy hot banana doughnuts in the sauce!!!


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