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  1. 1 baked dome cake (baked in a 1-liter bowl, such as Pyrex) 1 baked 9" round cake 4 baked cupcakes 2 to 3 cups pink icing 2 green Hi-C Fruit Slices (hooves) 1 pink Hi-C Fruit Slice (mouth) 2 Jujube candies (nose) 2 Jujyfruit candies (eyes) Red shoestring licorice (ears and eyelashes) 1 red Sour Belt (tail)

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  1. For the basic shape, set a dome cake upside down in the center of a round cake and secure with icing, as shown.

  2. Cut one cupcake in half and place it as shown for the ears, then arrange two more cupcakes as legs. Add a cupcake snout.

  3. Frost the cakes and cupcakes pink and decorate as shown.


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