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  1. 4 full racks o' baby backs

  2. 1/4 cup of granulated garlic

  3. 5 tbls. of onion powder

  4. 5 tbls. of dried sage

  5. 2 tbls. of dry english style mustard

  6. 1/4 cup of olive oil

  7. salt , black pepper

  8. 3 bottles of crisp lager (buy a case then you will have some to drink)

  9. 1 cup of beef stock

  10. -- 3 cups of plump well-ripened gooseberries

  11. OR 2 cups of pink goosebery jam

  12. 2 oz. of Irish whiskey

  13. 2 tbls. of red wine vinegar

  14. Half a cup of sugar

  15. 1 cup of the liquid from the rib pan

  16. 4 cups of water

  17. 2 cups of SWEET BABY RAYS SWEET n' SPICY (must use this)

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  1. FOR THE RIBS: Mix all of the dry spices into the oil and maybe half a cup of the beer to create a thik paste with which you shall slather the ribs on the meaty side. Let it set for an hour.

  2. Place the ribs into a very, very hot oven and sear them to the point just shy of blakening, but not burnt – Here it will be up to your own common sense.

  3. Set the ribs into a large roasting pan fitted with a rack. Add the beer and stock. Cover hermetically and roast at 350 for 2 hours.

  4. FOR THE SAUCE: Put the gooseberries in the water and cook at a moderate boil for 20 minutes. Add next the pan juice, whiskey, vinegar and sugar. Cook over a much reduced heat for about an hour.

  5. Run the gooseberries in a blender or Food processor and sieve them into the BBq sauce (I don’t think SBR’s will mind me pitching their very good product). Use this sauce to coat the ribs and re-bake them openly for 30 minutes.

  6. **If you choose to use the jelly, simply mix everything together and reduce it by half.

  7. I am serving this with some kind of vinaigrette dressed cabbage and kale slaw along with what I have erroneously styled as Leitrim fries. They are little more than potatoes cut into thick chips, then cooked in water 4/5 of the way through. They are then breaded in seasoned flour and finely grated cheddar and finished by a quick deep frying.


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