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  2. 2 ripe mangos

  3. 1 medium jicama

  4. 1 medium onion -- preferably sweet

  5. 2 large jalapeno peppers

  6. 2 large hot peppers

  7. 1 can concentrated orange juice

  8. 1 medium lime

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  1. * preferably Habanero or Manzanno/RicotoFinely chop the jicama in a processor. Squeeze the lime over it to keep it from browning and to add flavor.

  2. Add one can of water to the orange juice concentrate (instead of the 3 cans called for in orange juice). Pour 1/2 cup of the orange juice over the jicama. Cover with plastic and refrigerate overnight. The jicama readily takes on the flavor of the oranges and will taste like "crunchy oranges". You can add water to the remaining orange juice and use it for juice.

  3. At least 3 hours before you need the salsa, Finly mince the onion (preferably Vidalia onion or Texas 1015). Using the processor, mince the jalapeno and habanero after removing the seeds.

  4. Peel the mangos and coarsly chop by pulsing the processor.

  5. Combine all ingredients and cover with plastic until time to serve.

  6. This is good served with tortilla chips or served over grilled chicken. I even like it over vanilla ice cream. It will be very hot to non-chile Heads, but very mild and delicious to those who love chile peppers.


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