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  1. Ingredients (serves 4)

  2. 425g can sliced beetroot, drained

  3. 1/4 cup (60ml) olive oil

  4. 1/4 cup (60ml) balsamic vinegar

  5. 3 tsp chopped chives

  6. 2 tbs milk

  7. 120g soft goat's cheese

  8. Micro salad and herb leaves (see note) or regular mixed baby salad leaves, to garnish

  9. 2 tbs toasted chopped walnuts

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  1. Choose 12 even-sized slices of beetroot, pat dry with paper towel, then lay in a shallow dish. Cover with the oil and balsamic, then set aside at room temperature for 1 hour.

  2. Place the chives, milk and goat's cheese in a bowl. Season with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, then mash with a fork until smooth.

  3. Just before serving, drain the beetroot (reserving dressing) and pat slices dry with paper towel. Place 1 beetroot slice on a serving plate. Spoon the cheese mixture into a piping bag and pipe some onto the beetroot (alternatively, spread about 1 tbs of mixture over the beetroot with the back of a spoon). Repeat with more beetroot and cheese, then finish with a final beetroot slice. Repeat to make 4 stacks.

  4. Garnish each stack with a few leaves, sprinkle some walnuts around each plate, then drizzle with the reserved dressing. Serve immediately.


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