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  1. 200g cooked flank pork

  2. 200g salted leg pork

  3. 120g winter bamboo shoot

  4. Seasonings:

  5. A few onion lengths

  6. 1 tsp yellow wine

  7. 1 tsp salt

  8. A dash of MSG

  9. 960g clear soup

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  1. Wash the cooked and salted pork clean, cut them separately into pieces and cut the winter bamboo shoot into pieces.

  2. Put the cooked and salted pork in an earthen pot, add clear soup to bring to boil over high heat, add wine and scallion lengths, simmer them slowly over medium heat until half cooked, add the winter bamboo shoot, salt and MSG and continue to simmer them until both the pork is crisp and tender and all the taste of the winter bamboo shoot comes out.

  3. Skim all the froth off the soup and take onion lengths out for serving.


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