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  1. 9 Smart Balance™ eggs for the

  2. 4 of us

  3. 1 T Smart Balance™ Milk

  4. 1 t water

  5. 6 oz alder wood smoked salmon broken into large pieces

  6. 1/4 red onion or more if you like lots of red onion "diced"

  7. 6 capers

  8. 1 T Smart Balance™ butter

  9. 1 T Full Grain Mustard French Dijon

  10. 1/4 cup sour cream or Greek yogurt or goat cheese

  11. Pinch of fresh minced dill, red pepper flakes, fresh ground black pepper and a pinch or two of kosher salt

  12. Smart Balance™ Non-stick cooking spray

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  1. Description:

  2. Wonderful omega 3 Omelet loaded with protein for the morning. Great start to a day.

  3. Have some fresh fruit salad with this for the best breakfast.

  4. STEPS:

  5. SB=Smart Balance™

  6. Seeing I make 3 omelets at different times I always spray my sauté pan with SB Non-stick cooking spray. I heated a sauté pan and put the SB butter into it the pan. While the butter melted on very low heat I added the capers which I crushed in the pan, a pinch of red pepper flacks, the red onions, Dijon and ground some fresh black pepper. I let these ingredients soften in the pan about 3-5 minutes. I turned off the heat. Then I added the SB sour cream and stirred it in till everything is well incorporated and set aside.

  7. You could make this the night before if you are in a rush in the morning:)

  8. Since all 3 of my family are ready at different times in the morning I make one omelet at a time.

  9. In a large bowl I beat 9 SB eggs add the SB milk and water and a pinch or two of kosher salt, fresh ground pepper and red pepper flakes then I temper the Dijon and sour cream mixture into the eggs but if you make it the night before and it's cold you would not have to temper it.

  10. As they come down one at a time I pour about 3 eggs into an omelet pan and add the 2 oz of salmon per omelet. Add Dill as desired.


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