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  1. 1/2 cup water -- lukewarm

  2. 2 packages active dry yeast

  3. 3/4 cup milk -- lukewarm

  4. 105?F to

  5. 1/4 cup sugar

  6. 3 tablespoons melted butter

  7. 2 teaspoons salt

  8. 4 3/4 cups flour -- to

  9. 3 eggs

  10. 2 strips lemon -- about 2 inches long

  11. 2 raisins

  12. 2 cups of the flour. Mix with a wooden spoon to mix well. Beat

  13. 2 of the eggs well and add with enough of the remaining flour to make a soft dough. Turn dough out onto a lightly floured board and knead until smooth and elastic, about 4 to 6 minutes. Place in a lightly greased bowl, turning dough to coat all sides. Cover with a towel and let rise in a warm, draft free spot until doubled in size, about 30 to 45 minutes.

  14. Punch down dough and remove to lightly floured board for the final assembly.

  15. 12 pieces of equal size. Use eight of the dough pieces to form crab legs. Combine

  16. 2 pieces to make one crab claw and the two remaining pieces to form the other claw.

  17. 20 to 40 minutes. Preheat oven to

  18. 400?F.

  19. 10 to 15 minutes or until done. After

  20. 10 minutes check the color of the crab. If too dark cover with a tent of aluminum foil while bread continues to bake. When done remove from baking sheet and allow to cool on a wire rack.

  21. Makes 1 large loaf of bread, suitable for a centerpiece

  22. "Chesapeake Bay Cooking with John Shields" tv recipes,


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