• 24servings
  • 5minutes
  • 130calories

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VitaminsB12, H
MineralsChromium, Silicon, Calcium, Potassium

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  1. 3 (7 ounce) bars milk chocolate with almonds candy (such as Hershey's® Milk Chocolate with Almonds)

  2. 1 cup miniature marshmallows

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  1. Place the candy bars in a microwave safe bowl, and cook in the microwave on Low until melted, approximately 5 minutes. Stir and allow to cool enough to prevent the marshmallows from melting when added to the chocolate. Once cool, stir in the marshmallows and pour into a 8x8 inch baking dish. Refrigerate until firm, about 2 hours. Break into pieces to serve.


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