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  1. 1 Leg Of Lamb

  2. Garlic -- sliced and chopped 2 Glasses Chicken Soup

  3. 2 Whole Rosmary Sprigs -- (preferably fresh)

  4. 2 Tablespoons Vinegar

  5. Juice Of 1 Lemon Paprika Black Pepper Chili Peppers

  6. Make a few cuts in the roast so spices can be inserted in the cuts. Deep cuts can also be made to facilitate serving.

  7. Put the leg in a baking pan with the spices rubbed all over the roast. mix the soup with the lemon juice and add about a quarter of quantity to the roast.

  8. 210 (Celsius) for 10 minute and then turn the meat over. Lower heat to

  9. 150 degrees andf keep baking for about 25 minutes for each kg of meat. Every

  10. 10 minutes baste with the liquids and add someo f the soup&lemon souce. every few times turn the roast.

  11. 25 years old and the writing on the knob disappeared...


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