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  2. Title: Baklava 1

  3. Categories: Greek

  4. 1 Servings -

  5. 1 1/4 cups butter/margarine

  6. 1/4 cup

  7. 1-2 tsp cinnamon (ground)

  8. 4 cups almonds, slivered and chopped. cloves (NOT ground)

  9. For syrup:

  10. 4 cups sugar

  11. 3 cups water

  12. 1/2 cup honey

  13. 1 stick cinnamon

  14. cloves (NOT ground) Mix sugar, cinnamon, sugar, and almonds.

  15. Lay the fillo dough out on a table. Fillo dough will dry quickly, so

  16. you'll need to work fast, so what spills out of the pan doesn't dry

  17. (although it will anyway), and keep a damp towel on the rest of it

  18. (that you had laid on the table) so it doesn't dry.

  19. On a medium-sized, buttered pan (you'll need to melt the butter) lay

  20. one of the sheets of dough. Butter it, and lay another on top of

  21. that. Continue until you have 5-6 sheets of dough on the bottom of

  22. the pan. Then lay another sheet, and do NOT butter it. On that, put

  23. some of the almond mix, enough to cover it evenly, but not making a

  24. thick layer. On that, lay another sheet of dough, butter it, and then

  25. another, unbuttered. On that place some almond mix again. Repeat

  26. until all the mix is gone, or you have only 4-5 sheets of dough left.

  27. Fold in the dough that hangs from the side of the pan. Some of sthem

  28. will be dry, so just cut them and discard them. Make sure to butter

  29. all of them (except, of course, if they have almonds on them). Lay

  30. down some more sheets of dough, buttering every one, and cutting off

  31. the edges, that hang from the sides of the pan. here, I've found it

  32. easier if you just lay the dough down, width of dough to length of

  33. pan. That is to say, the width of the dough is sometimes about teh

  34. same size as the length of the pan, and the length of the dough about twice teh widht of the pan, so lay the short side of the dough down

  35. along the length of the pan, so that some (about half) of it will

  36. hang out the end. Then butter it, and fold what hangs back in the

  37. pan, buttering that. This way you get it to look better, and stick

  38. better.

  39. When you're done with laying the sheets of dough down, make sure you

  40. butter the first one VERY well, and sprinkle some water on it before

  41. you put it in the oven. Also, with a sharp, pointy knife, cut the

  42. top few sheets of dough, not getting all the way through, just sort

  43. of "scratching" the top layer and marking the pieces, in

  44. rhombus-shaped pieces. I find it easier to cut along lengthwise, and then sideways, from corner to corner, and lines paralel to that:

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