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  1. 1 can (10 1/2 oz.) cream of celery soup 11/3 cup Water cup Finely chopped onion Dash of pepper 11/3 cup Minute rice 1 1/2 cup Cooked peas 1 can (7 oz.) tuna, drained & flaked cup Grated Cheddar cheese

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  1. In saucepan combine soup, water, onion and pepper. Bring to boil, stirring occasionally. Pour half of mixture into greased 1½ quart casserole. Make 3 layers in casserole, using rice (right from box), peas and tuna. Add remaining soup. Sprinkle with grated cheese. Bake covered at 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes cut through mixture with knife after baking 10 minutes. Submitted By BARRY WEINSTEIN On 04-16-95


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