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  2. 4 kaju rolls

  3. 4 pistachio rolls

  4. 100 gram angoori petha

  5. 8 cocktail rasgullas

  6. 8 mini gulab jamuns

  7. 100 milliliter rabdi

  8. 100 gram three colored boondi


  10. 75 grams gram flour

  11. a pinch of soda bicarb

  12. a few drops of red color oil for frying

  13. 50 grams sugar

  14. a few drops jalebi color a few drops green color

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  1. To prepare the boondi: To the gram flour add soda bicarb and a little water. Mix to a thick batter. Divide into three portions. Add a color each to the three portions. Heat oil in a kadai and deep fry the boondis in hot oil until done and crisp. Add enough water to the sugar and simmer until the syrup reaches three string consistency. Add the colored boondis to the syrup and soak them for about 10 minutes. Remove and keep aside.

  2. To prepare the sizzler: Cut the kaju rolls and pistachio rolls into halves. Lightly heat the sizzler tawa. Arrange all the sweets, except rabdi, over the tawa. Heat rabdi and pour at the center. Serve hot rabdi with cold mithai.


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