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  1. Preparation : Basic Grilling Tips: Grilling time can vary with the cut of beef, grid position, temperature of coals, weather and desired doneness. Our recipes start with beef taken directly from the refrigerator. It is not a safe food practice to bring meat to room temperature before cooking Use medium to medium-low coals to ensure even cooking. Trim excess fat from meats to avoid flare-ups while grilling. Direct grilling can be done with the grill covered or open; foods cooked in a covered grill usually cook faster. Use long-handled tongs for turning steaks or roasts; spatulas for turning burgers. Don not use a fork, which pierces the beef, allowing flavorful juices to escape. Determine the doneness of steaks by making a small slit near the bone and checking the color; for boneless cuts make a slit near the center. For thicker steaks, use a quick-recovery meat thermometer to accruately gauge the doneness. Grilling with Mesquite and Hickory for Great Flavor: Mesquite and Hickory are great for grilling. They're easy to light and you're grilling in 20 minutes. Wood can be used with any type grill. You'll enjoy the outdoor Texas flavor it gives you meals! Mesquite wood provides a sweet, delicate taste that accents beef. Hickory wood imparts a smoky, bacon-like flavor often associated with Southern-style cooking. Direct Grilling Method: Foods are cooked directly over coals. This is a fast method for cooking steaks and burgers. Mesquite wood burns hot, so cook around perimeter of coals Indirect Grilling Method: Slow cook thicker steaks and roasts in a covered grill. Bank coals around a foil pan. Place beef over pan so food is not over coals. Keep grill temperature at 300 F to roast. Add wood to maintain heat. Flavoring with Wood Chips: Wrap a handful of wood chips in a foil pouch. Pierce the foil to release smoke. Put pouch over hot charcoal or gas briquettes. The chips will smolder and not flame. Cooking with Wood Chunks: Stack wood over 2 sheets of crumpled newspaper or starter stick. Open vents. Light paper; let wood burn 15-20 minutes. Extinguish flame by closing lid and vents for 30 seconds. Adjust vents for desired heat level. Begin grilling. Note; Hickory is a dense wood and may require more paper or lighter fluid to start fire. Or, use convenient Light-the-bag chunks. The wood is pre-measured for one cookout. Place entire bag in grill and light corners. To test temperature of coals: Hold your palm over grill at cooking height. If the heat forces you to pull away in 3 seconds, coals are hot; if 4 seconds, coals are medium and it 5 seconds, coals are low. To lower temperature of coals; Raise grid or spread out the coals. If cooker is covered, close vents halfway To raise temperature of coals; Lower grid or push together coals. Add more chunks to outer edge of hot coals. If cooker is covered, open vents fully. Checking Beef's Doneness: Use a quick-read meat thermometer. Or, you can also use the touch method. If the meat is rare, it will feel soft and yielding; if medium it will give slightly; and if well-done it will be firm


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