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  1. 2tbls Refined oil

  2. 1 kg chicken

  3. 250 g yogurt

  4. 3 large red tomatoes finely sliced

  5. 4-5 onions finely sliced

  6. 2tbls ginger garlic paste

  7. 6-7 large green chillies

  8. 1 and a half tsp saunf

  9. 1 and a half tsp rai

  10. 1 and a half tsp zeera

  11. 1 and a half tsp kalongi

  12. Juice of one large lemon

  13. Red Chilly Powder, Salt, Turmeric powder all to your taste

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  1. Take oil in a heavy sauce pan and heat, then add sliced onions to it and fry till light golden in color.

  2. To this add sliced tomatoes and cook till they are soft and get melted.

  3. Then add chicken pieces, yogurt, ginger garlic paste, salt red chilli powder, haldi and cover till the chicken is half done.

  4. On the other side roast rai, zeera, saunf, and kalongi together till saunf is light brown in color.

  5. Take 2tsp of this mixture and keep aside and grind the rest to powder.

  6. Then add haldi to the powder and make it into a thick paste with lemon juice. Stuff this paste into the green chillies and keep aside.

  7. Add the remaining paste to the chicken and sprinkle the roasted mixture over the chicken and cook till it is done after 5 minutes keep the stuffed chillies on the chicken and cook on very low heat for 5-10 minutes


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