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  1. Creepy Crawler Ice Ring (recipe)

  2. 1 cup boiling water

  3. 2 packages (4-serving size each) lime-flavored gelatin

  4. 3 cups cold water

  5. 1/2 liters (48 ounces) carbonated lemon-lime beverage, chilled

  6. 1/2 cup superfine sugar

  7. Gummy worms

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  1. Prepare Creepy Crawler Ice Ring one day before serving. Freeze.

  2. Pour boiling water over gelatin in heatproof punch bowl; stir until gelatin dissolves. Stir in cold water. Add lemon-lime beverage and sugar; stir well (mixture will foam for several minutes ).

  3. Before serving, unmold ice ring by dipping bottom of mold briefly into hot water; add to punch bowl. Serve cups of punch garnished with gummy worms, if desired.


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