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  1. 1 Dhania seeds - (coriander seeds)

  2. 1/2 Lal mirch saboot - (whole red chillies)

  3. 1/2 Sukha khopra - (dehydrated coconut chopped)

  4. 100 Lavang - (cloves)

  5. 100 Kali mirch - (pepper corns)

  6. 100 Tejpan - (bay leaves)

  7. 100 Nagkeshar

  8. 100 Dagad phool

  9. 100 Masala phool

  10. 100 Masala - (badi) elaichi (large black cardamoms)

  11. 100 Shajira - (caraway seeds or white cumin)

  12. 100 Haldi ke ganthiye - (dry turmeric root)

  13. 100 Hing ke tukde - (asafoetida in broken form)

  14. 100 Til - (sesame seeds)

  15. 100 Karala

  16. 100 Khuskhus - (food grade poppy seeds)

  17. 100 Dalchini - (cinnamon)

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  1. Dry roast each of the ingredients on a low flame till well done.

  2. Do not roast asafoetida and turmeric.

  3. Pound all ingredients together till a coarse powder is formed.

  4. Store in a clean dry airtight container.

  5. Note: This is definitely a lengthy process, and that is why I had recommended buying to those who are short of time. (who isn't?). Another problem is availability of all the spices in places outside India. I have not been able to find English equivalents to some of these spices in spite of extensive reference to innumerable dictionaries and enquiries with store owners. That is the reason why I have not given English names for some of the ingredients. But these spices are abundantly available with storekeepers in India and familiar with their indigenous names. However, good news for those who are willing to make it. The effort is definitely worth it. Beside this masala if properly stored will keep good without refrigeration for almost 2 years!!! For those who are still eager to make the same, I would drop a small tip: Just omit the ingredients you cannot lay hands on (except the basic ones like dhania, chilli, coconut and other common ones) and go ahead and try it in a small quantity. The result may not be the same, but I am quite sure it will not be disappointing. All the best.


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