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  1. : Dark modeling chocolate White modeling chocolate Oil-based food colors Large and medium flower cutters Tempered or coating chocolate Teacups or small bowls for shaping flowers Small circle cutter Hard ganache for glazing

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  1. Preparation : Preparation Timeline: Up to 3 days in advance: Make the flowers Up to 1 day in advance: Make the cupcakes (See Chocolate Sponge Cake recipe) Day of event: Decorate the cupcakes Roll out the dark modeling chocolate until is it 1/8-inch thick. Cut out the desired number of large flowers. Place the flowers over the bottom of inverted teacups or inside the small bowls. They will need to dry for 12 to 24 hours. Cut out as many small circles from the dark modeling chocolate as there will be flowers. These circles will be the centers of the flowers.Tint the white modeling chocolate pink using the oil-based food colors. Repeat steps 1 through 3 with the pink modeling chocolate and the medium-sized flower cutter. Once the components are dry, secure the pink flowers inside the larger chocolate flowers with a small amount of water. Secure a dark modeling chocolate center inside each flower with a small amount of water. To finish, dip each cupcake into the fluid hard ganache. Place a flower on top of each cupcake. Once the ganache sets, the flowers will be secured to the cupcakes. Source: CAKE ART: Simplified Step-by-Step Instructions and Illustrated Techniques for the Home Baker to Create Showstopping Cakes and Cupcakes by The Culinary Institute of


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