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  1. 1 chicken ( for a quicker version , you can even get a roasted chicken from grocery store and take all the meat off the bones 2 c celery , diced 2 c carrot s, diced 2 c onion , diced "better than bouillon" chicken broth (beef broth if using beef) bag of noodles...your choice ...can also substitute rice or barley or orzo parsley, thyme, bay leaf salt and pepper to taste -

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  1. -saute carrots , celery and onion in large stock pot til fragrant -add 3 c broth and enough water to cover chicken - if using fresh chicken ,cook in broth/water mixture til done -skim any foam off top of stock -let chicken cool til you can debone it -add heaping tablespoon of “better than bouillon ”and other herbs ...approx 1 tablespoon of the parsley, thyme and the bay leaf -return chicken meat to stock pot and simmer (covered ) for about an hour (can be up to 3 hours on low heat), taste stock and add more seasoning if necessary - Add noodles the last 30 minutes Note : You may need to add more stock, depending on how thick or thin you want the soup...thicker and it’s more like a stew . if using rice or barley , will surely need to add water/broth since they will soak up the liquid .


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