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  1. 1 small red capsicum

  2. 1/4 tsp oil for greasing

  3. 1 cup cooked chick peas (kabuli chana)

  4. 1 1/2 tsp lemon juice

  5. 1 tbsp thyme

  6. 1 tsp crushed garlic (lehsun)

  7. 1 tbsp olive oil

  8. a pinch freshly ground black pepper powder

  9. salt to taste

  10. 1 cup thickly sliced unpeeled cucumber (approx. 20 slices)

  11. For The Garnish

  12. a few sprigs of parsley

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  1. Apply ¼ tsp of oil evenly over the red capsicum. Pierce it with a fork and roast it over an open medium flame till it turns black.

  2. Immerse it in water and remove the skin, stem and seeds and cut into thin strips. Keep aside for the garnish.

  3. Combine all the ingredients, except the cucumber slices and blend in a mixer to a smooth mixture.

  4. Arrange the cucumber slices on a flat dry surface and top each cucumber slice with little mixture.

  5. Serve immediately garnished with red capsicum strips and parsley sprigs.


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