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  1. 1-Ginzu® branded, Kitchen Knife

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  1. SIMPLY...Pay the asking price and "Man your Kitchens" ("20-Something," and older Cooks) with this piece of cutlery! You'll not be sorry you purchased one! I haven't been! I've had this, "Forever-lasting," "Never needs sharpening," knife for over 21 years. I bought it from off of a television ad, (MANY MOONS AGO) as a "BOGO" (Buy One-Get One FREE) promotion and the TRUTH be known about this handy gadget--they told it right! I gave the "other" one to my Dad, and it's still in their kitchen, too! He LOVED IT COOKS! Once, He purchased a "Copy-Cat" Ginzu, and to this day, it only gets used when their Ginzu is in the dishwasher. However, I've seen Dad, on numerous occasions, pull the Ginzu back out of the dishwasher and clean it up for certain cooking projects; knowing ahead of time, that the "Copy-Cat" was NOT goin' to get the job done as well or as quickly! Daddy's "other" Kitchen Knife was His "Old Hickory"--a long, carbon steel-bladed knife He used mainly for slicing pork and beef roasts for His famous, Family Bar-B-Que!) This tool has (literally) cut and carved it's way through so MANY of my kitchen and craft projects. And has, TILL YET, to dullen! GET ONE COOKS! YOU'LL LOVE IT! ("Tried and true!"--my "Favorite kitchen tool" is, without a doubt, my "GINZU!") Ritz Ann ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ "AN ODE TO MY GINZU" (Oh My Lengthy Cutlery FIne!) "Oh my lengthy Cutlery fine, After 21 years, how you still shine! From plumpened tomatoes, To kindling of pine, You've maintained your edging, Oh Cutlery of mine! Though I've abused your worths, As a kitchen knife, You've consistently carved Through the textures of my life! Through years of haggling, And your reputation of mock, 'AS SEEN ON TV,' You've stood lone, like a rock! You've remained in your lust, Without a crusting of rust, Your makers have shown me, You're a need, you're a MUST! Like the hands on a kitchen timer, That 'tock and tick', Your blade, still is smooth, Weilding me no sticks, knicks or pricks! From the beginning of your shard, To the tines in your tip, Not once during use, Have you given me slip! To 'NEVER WEAR OUT', Your marketers did shout, I bought you with tons, Of reasons to doubt! At $19.99, A 'BOGO' in '89, You've graciously withstood, Your 'test of time!' After 21 years of service, To me and mine, I'm so PROUD to own you, Oh my Cutlery fine!" HUGZ & GRINZ Cooks! Ritz Ann/MB's~GARDENDAlite


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