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  1. 1 cup strawberry , sliced (Fresh is best, this is about 100-125grams) 1/2 cup milk (nonfat or lowfat okay) 1/2 cup water 1/4 cup caster sugar (about 50g) or 1/4 cup superfine sugar (about 50g) 1/2-2/3 teaspoon vanilla (extract or flavouring to preference)

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  1. Slice up fresh strawberries until you have enough to fill a one cup measure.

  2. Add to a blender or food processor, or if you only have a stick mixer, just put it in a large pyrex jug.

  3. Add rest of ingredients.

  4. Blend until smooth.

  5. You may want to try this a little bit cooler for summer days, omit the water and add a few ice cubes.

  6. I only leave out the ice cubes because my food processor can't handle hard ice.

  7. Also it does tend to separate if you leave it sitting around for a minute, Don't let this put you off, just stir it up a bit, it tastes the same, just tends to be more frothy at the top then. ?


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