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  1. 11 Mar

  2. 19 EST

  3. From: "Marita Perez (DSD)" <mperez


  5. This Mexican Rice recipe is an adaptation from the PBS show Mexican

  6. Kitchen.

  7. Mexican Rice

  8. 1 C. Long grain rice

  9. 1/2 Onion

  10. Crushed Garlic

  11. Cilantro

  12. Black Pepper

  13. Canned tomatoes

  14. 3 C. Water

  15. 1 C. vegtable stock or water

  16. Fry the rice till golden brown (this is important for the flavor). Be careful once it starts browining, it will burn quick. Traditionally you would do this in oil, but I do it in a dry non-stick skillet and it works pretty good. Once the rice is golden add all remaining ingredients and cook till the liquid is absorbed and rice is done. The garlic, cilantro, and black pepper can be added to your taste. I just

  17. crush canned tomatoes and don't add the liquid. You can add the tomatoes

  18. to your taste also. If you want it redder add paprika. That is what my

  19. mother in law adds to all her dishes to get them red.


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